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Clinic Director: Chris Dotolo


2nd Annual 
Holiday Baseball Coaches Clinic

7 New Speakers
13 New Topics
December 15, Norfolk, Virginia
Norfolk Academy
Registration Fee: $100
(Fee includes complimentary access to clinic video)

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Tom Slater-Yankees
Marlin Ikenberry-VMI
Chris Finwood-ODU
Tony Beasley-Nationals
Karl Nonemaker-ODU
Tim LaVigne-ODU
Jim Farr-Royals
Randy Tomlin-Liberty Christian
2012 New Speakers
Greg Ritchie-GWU
Claudell Clark-NSU 
Marlin Ikenberry-VMI    
Jeff Ware-Yankees
Jonathan Hadra-VMI
Tom Sheridan-GWU
Jim Farr-Royals 

Clinic Schedule

Norfolk Academy-Burroughs Gymnasium

8:00-8:40         Registration

8:45-9:00         Chris Dotolo-Introduction

9:00-9:35         Jim Farr: "What scouts and coaches look for"

9:35-10:10       Karl Nonemaker: "3 Offensive team drills you must do"

10:10-10:45     Tom Sheridan: "A GWU team practice plan"

10:45-11:20     Tony Beasley:  "Cutoffs and Relays-the Nationals way" 

11:20-12:10     Break

12:10-12:45    ​ Tom Slater: "The Yankees' multi-purpose team defensive drills"   

12:45-1:20       Marlin Ikenberry:  "Catching drills to advance development"

1:20-1:55         Randy Tomlin:  "Pitchers Fielding Practice"

1:55-2:30        Jeff Ware:  "Fastball, Curveball, and Slider grips and movement"

2:30-3:05        Greg Ritchie:  "Cage drills to improve hitting mechanics"

3:05-3:40        Jonathan Hadra: "Outfield fundamentals"

3:40-3:50        Break

3:50-4:25        Chris Finwood:  "ODU fundamentals for middle infielders "

4:25-5:00        Claudell Clark:  "Daily Pitching drills to improve mechanics"

5:00-5:30        Tim LaVigne:  "Pitchers-controlling the running game"

5:30-6:00        Question and Answer session with all instructors.
Clinic Sponsors
Returning Speakers
Chris Finwood-ODU
Tony Beasley-Nationals
Randy Tomlin-Liberty Christian
Karl Nonemaker-ODU